The series "Kingdoms of Fire" .. 10 exciting facts about "Toman Bay" the last Mamluk sultans

3 months ago

"Kingdoms of Fire", the name of a new historical series, starring the Egyptian star Khaled Abou El Naga, has become famous recently on social networking sites, and will be shown starting November 17 next.

The series tells the story of the last Mamluk sultans, Ashraf Tuman Bey, who was defeated by the army of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I in Egypt in 1517 at the Battle of Ridania, after being subjected to successive betrayals by his princes.

Though Bayan had been in power for only three months, this period was full of dramatic moments that changed the course of Egypt's history and then became an Ottoman deity, an administrative unit of the Ottoman sultan.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the last Mamluk sultan.

1.Toman Bai was a king at the beginning of his life, then rose to become a prince and then prime minister.He refused to take over Egypt at first, but agreed under pressure around him after the killing of the Mamluk Sultan Qanswa al-Ghuri in the battle of Marj Dabiq in 1516 in front of the Ottomans near the city of Aleppo Syrian.

2 - After the loss of Toman Bay and the entry of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I to Cairo, the historian Ibn Eyas says that the Ottoman sultan excessively killed the Egyptians.

The son of Eyas, who witnessed that period, in his book "Bada'at al-Zuhur in the facts of the ages", said that the soldiers of Selim I continued to kill the Egyptians in the streets, and deliberately burned the Sheikhon mosque and the surrounding houses as a symbol of resistance to Toman Bay, where he was meeting with his soldiers and commanders, The bodies spread on the streets of Cairo from Egyptians, Turks, soldiers and princes who were loyal to Toman Bay.

3. Regarding the Mamluk class that governed Egypt, the Scottish Orientalist Sir Williams Muir, in his book The History of the Mamluks in Egypt, says: "The looting and agitation continued. "The Circassians were persecuted on every side, slaughtered mercilessly, and their heads hung around the battlefield."

4 - After his defeat, Toman Bay almost made peace with Selim I acquiesce to the Sultan and recognizes him.

5 - After the arrival of the slaughter of the delegation to Selim I, the Ottoman Sultan killed the Mamluks princes imprisoned in the castle, and the number of up to 57 princes.

6 - After his defeat before the pyramids, Toman Bay fled to one of the Bedouin sheikhs had the Mamluk Sultan had done well by ridding him of death, but the Bedouin named Hassan bin Marei forgot the beautiful and handed Toman Bay to the Ottomans, and carried him to Selim I in the handcuffs, and rebuked him for his insistence To his hostility and to the killing of the delegation, Toman Bay has denied involvement in the killing of the delegation.

7 - Selim was inclined to not kill Toman Bay and take him to Istanbul, but because of the insistence of the treacherous princes of Toman Bay "Jean Berdy" and "Khair Bey", the Ottoman Sultan decided to execute him.

8 - Ibn Iyas says of the incident of hanging Toman Bay "At the door of Zewaila stopped the ride of the captive Sultan Toman Bay, was guarded by 400 soldiers from the Janissary, and was handcuffed over his horse, and people in Cairo had come to take a farewell look at the Sultan of Egypt, and looked forward Toman Bay To the basement of the gate and he saw a strand hanging down, and he realized that the end had come. "

"When he realized that he would hang, he stood on his feet at the door of Zuwailah. He told the people around him, he read to me al-Fatiha three times. He spread his hand and read al-Fatiha three times and read the people with him." When they put the tent in his neck and lifted the rope cut off it fell on the doorstep of the door Zuwailah, and was told by the rope was cut twice as he falls to the ground, and then hanged him uncovered head.

The son of Iyas says, "When he was hanged and saw his soul, people cried out with a great cry and sadness and sorrow. They reached him there, and they buried him in the monsters behind the school.

9. After hanging Tuman Bay, some of his loyal princes tried to slaughter the Ottoman Sultan Selim I at night, but the palace guards were careful and failed the assassination attempt.

10- William Muir concludes the story of Toman Bay as stated in his book, saying, "Tuman Bay is 40 years old, of which only three and a half months were ruled, and no family was left behind. His wife (Akbardi's daughter) was tortured for her money. In his reigns on behalf of Qansawah and his sultan, Toman Bay proved to be brave and fair, and the grief of his death encompassed all of Egypt, the best man of this family, though the last, and thus the Mamluk family ended sadly with the death of Toman Bay.

Source AlHurra